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Company Information: Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer owned by the Sivantos Group. Since March of 2019, Sivantos Group has been part of WS Audiology, a company formed that day through the combination of Singapore-headquartered Sivantos with Lynge/Denmark-based Widex. The merging of Signia and Widex makes the resulting WS Audiology the 3rd largest hearing aid company in the world. The combined research and development power of these two experienced manufacturers will result in even more ground breaking technologies being released. Most recently, Signia launched a new hearing aid model called the Styletto. The Styletto is the next step in hearing aid design, providing wearers with a truly attractive hearing aid model paired with innovative rechargeable technology.

Hearing Aids from this manufacturer
Signia Styletto


The Signia Styletto hearing aids are truly innovative in terms of both design and function, offering a slim receiver in canal style and portable charging station. These hearing aids are considered a new category of wearing style, called the SLIM-RIC (Slim Receiver in Canal).

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Signia Silk


Signia Silk is a ready to wear hearing aids developed by Signia (WS Audiology formerly Sivantos).

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