Hearing Aid Brands

Information about the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

The best hearing aid brands

Greentree Hearing & Audiology is an independent private practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing issues. We work with the world’s leading hearing aid brands to provide the best possible hearing solution for our patients. Our audiologists will help you choose the right hearing aid for your type of hearing loss, listening environment and budget.


Widex has over 60 years of experience with a natural curiosity in finding solutions to individual hearing loss. Their approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology.

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Not all conversations are the same, so Unitron developed its new North platform. Based on the strong foundation of Unitron’s proven sound quality, the new North platform is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in natural sound. A greater dynamic range, clean handling of signals and tightly integrated algorithms shape the sound quality in a way that’s totally unique to Unitron.

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Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American-owned and operated manufacturer of hearing devices. Currently based in Minnesota, Starkey strives to create a flexible and seamless listening experience.

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Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, ReSound was founded in 1943 by Dr. Rodney Perkins of Stanford University. GN ReSound is known for great sound quality, design excellence and meaningful solutions that help hearing impaired people rediscover sounds. ReSound is an innovator within the hearing industry leading the way with breakthrough technology.

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Phonak is owned by Sonova Holding AG, an internationally active Swiss company headquartered in Stäfa that specializes in hearing care solutions. Since 1947, the Swiss manufacturer Phonak has been committed to changing lives and reconnecting people to their passions and loved ones with state-of-the-art hearing technology.

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Oticon is a hearing aid manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife had hearing loss. Instead of a typical corporate board of directors, Oticon is controlled by the Oticon Foundation, a charitable organization with a mandate both to grow their business and to help people with hearing loss.

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Company Information: Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer owned by the Sivantos Group. Since March of 2019, Sivantos Group has been part of WS Audiology, a company formed that day through the combination of Singapore-headquartered Sivantos with Lynge/Denmark-based Widex.

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