Signia Silk

Signia Silk is a ready to wear hearing aids developed by Signia (WS Audiology formerly Sivantos).


Signia Silk
Ready to Wear Hearing Aids by Signia

Signia Silk is a CIC (completely in canal) hearing aid, which is worn deep in the ear canal. Silk addresses moderate to severe hearing loss and is available in three technology levels: 3px, 5px, and 7px. Signia Silk has revolutionized not just the way we hear – but the way we are fitted for hearing aids. Signia Silk has revolutionized not just the way we hear – but the way we are fitted for hearing aids. With most hearing aids, your hearing specialist will take a mold of your ear and the manufacturer takes a few weeks to customize the aid to fit you. Signia Silk changes all of this – while still providing the same level of advanced hearing technology.

Signia Silk Features

Signia Silk’s big innovation is “Click Sleeves,” super-soft and flexible silicone sleeves that click into the Signia primax completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid. Click Sleeves come in several different sizing options to accommodate most ears. Silk aids come in two colors: blue for the left ear and red for the right, making it easy for first-time wearers. Signia Silk is worn inside the ear canal, where it is not visible – an added bonus for those who prefer discretion!

By providing immediate access to better hearing, Signia Silk hearing aids demonstrate to first-time wearers the benefits of using aids. Signia Silk boasts all of the same features of the Signia primax family, along with the binaural OneMic directionality feature. OneMic helps to boost sounds that you want to focus on, while blocking out extraneous noise in your environment that may interfere with your listening experience.

Signia Silk offers wireless connectivity, which makes adjustments incredibly simple for wearers. CIC hearing aids, due to their placement, are traditionally difficult to adjust. Signia has solved this problem with a range of accessories and remote controls, as well as wireless connection to devices like smartphones and tablets, so wearers may control their experience.

Improved Speech Intelligibility

Signia Silk is a new aid in the family of primax hearing aids. Primax aids have been clinically proven to improve speech understanding and reduce listening effort. Silk offers a wireless CROS/BiCROS option, which is designed for people who experience one-sided hearing loss. A transmitter device sends processed audio signals to the hearing aid in the non-hearing ear, using e2e wireless technology.

Tinnitus Solution

For people who experience tinnitus – a condition that appears in 80% of hearing loss cases – Signia Silk offers the Tinnitus Noiser feature. Tinnitus Noiser produces static noise and ocean wave sound signals which help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.


Signia has designed Silk with microphone placement to help wearers focus on people in front of them, while reducing background noises in their environment. Coupled with the vented Click Sleeves, wearers experience a comfortable listening experience. Silk hearing aids are equipped with primax’s SpeechMaster feature, which assists in communication and understanding. They also boast EchoShield, another primax feature, which softens sharp reverb sounds in acoustically challenging spaces to provide a comfortable and balanced listening experience.


Silk’s wireless connection capabilities provide wearers with seamless accessibility. Through the easyTek app, Silk aids are able to connect to wearers’ smartphones, allowing them to control volume and adjust program features such as directionality, tinnitus sounds, and even check the battery on their aids. Additionally, with connectivity to smartphones, Silk wearers are able to stream music, movies, and media directly to their ears – as well as phone conversations! The easyTek app also allows Silk to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Signia Silk Hearing Aid Accessories

For Silk wearers who need an extra boost, Signia offers accessories that are compatible with easyTek to enhance listening. The TV Transmitter connects Silk aids to TV audio, allowing wearers to stream their TV shows and movies directly to their ears.

VoiceLink, also compatible with easyTek, gives Silk wearers an extra boost in conversation in especially challenging noise situations. VoiceLink is a microphone that wirelessly streams speakers’ voices directly to Silk hearing aids. This accessory is especially useful for students in classrooms or people in business meetings.

For people who do not use smartphones, Silk aids are also controlled by Signia remote controls. The easyPocket and miniPocket remote controls make it easy for wearers to adjust volume and program settings. The easyPocket has large buttons and easy-to-read display, while the miniPocket is small enough to fit on your keyring.

Sherry Pickett, Doctor of Audiology
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