Signia Styletto

The Signia Styletto hearing aids are truly innovative in terms of both design and function, offering a slim receiver in canal style and portable charging station. These hearing aids are considered a new category of wearing style, called the SLIM-RIC (Slim Receiver in Canal).


Signia Styletto

The Signia Styletto is different from any other hearing aid on the market. Signia redefines the stigma behind hearing aids with the development of the first fashionable hearing aid. Studies show that many people who suffer from hearing loss are not ready to purchase hearing aids because a hearing aid does not fit with the image they have of themselves. They associate hearing aids as a device only appropriate for someone much older than them. Signia wants new and existing hearing aid wearers to feel good about themselves and be able to wear their hearing aids with confidence.

Introducing the first High-Fashion Hearing Aid

The reality is that people are feeling and looking younger for longer, however they still need a hearing aid device near the same age. But because hearing aids don’t fit with their self-image, they delay getting the help they need. Signia took these research findings and decided they wanted to provide what was missing: an aesthetically pleasing hearing aid device that transforms the way people think about hearing aids. Signia is taking a new approach to drive acceptance of visibility with the introduction of Styletto.

The Styletto is available in all Signia performance levels. It is most suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss sufferers.

Styletto Wearing Style & Design

To achieve the slim and sleek pin-shaped design of the Signia Styletto, engineers had to trim the coin cell shaped lithium-ion battery that most rechargeable hearing aids are built around and instead create a thinner, sleeker design. Signia managed to combine this new slim lithium rechargeable battery with their same advanced Signia performance chip and the additional wireless capabilities to create a fully functional hearing aid with an ability to charge for a full day of use within a pocket sized charger.

Wearing Style: SLIM-RIC

The Styletto now offers the same Receiver in Canal hearing aid (RIC) style but with a slimmer look, which they call the SLIM-RIC. This new design brings together the desired aesthetic appeal that new and existing patients have expressed wanting, along with the trusted high tech and convenient offerings, and premium sound quality that buyers expect from Signia.

Beautiful Design Meets Advanced Technology

The goal of the Styletto is not to hide them. But rather, put the most advanced technology inside a really beautiful shell. And Signia has done just that. On the new Styletto, you won’t find any programming buttons or volume adjustments on the hearing aid devices themselves. Everything to customize the wearer’s listening experience can be found inside an easy-to-use app called MyControl App which works as the wearer’s hearing aid remote control. Or by using the miniPocket accessory which looks like a key fob (it can even hook onto your key ring), which is available for purchase separately.

Styletto Rechargeability

The portable charging case fits in a pocket or a small purse and offers three recharges on the go all while remaining discreet and travel friendly.  This allows wearers the option to bring their charging case away for a weekend trip and not have to plug a cord into the wall to have reliable long lasting hearing while away.  A 3 hour charge provides 19 hours of daily listening.  Need a few more hours of battery life?  A thirty minute quick charge using the portable charging case provides the wearer with five more hours of use.

Operating system: Signia NX Platform

Along with the redesigned battery and continued recharge abilities, the Styletto offers everything you can find on the Signia Nx platform.

Own Voice Processing (OVP)

The Signia Nx platform uses Own Voice Processing (OVP). Many hearing aid users do not like the sound of their own voice, because it can sound loud and unnatural when wearing their hearing aids. But the new OVP technology allows the wearer to experience the natural sound of their own voice without distraction and still balance their voice with all the surrounding sounds. This lets them enjoy the most natural listening experience and the highest hearing performance in all listening environments.

Whether it’s a group discussion or a quiet chat with a friend, the OVP technology is especially helpful in noisy environments, where the listener wants to feel balance between the noise levels coming into their hearing aids.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The platform also offers complete connectivity to all devices on ios or android systems, making phone calls and direct streaming easier on the wearer through Bluetooth technology. Wearers can stream phone calls, listen to music and stream TV shows all through their hearing aids. The support of the Nx platform with the Styletto hearing device means wearers can expect this high tech look provided in a device that is slimmer and smaller than most mainstream Bluetooth communication devices on the market.

“They look cooler than a pair of regular Bluetooth headphones." - Styletto wearer

Other Features

In addition to the cool factor, Ultra HD Ear to Ear (e2e) Narrow Directionality provides wireless communication for wearers in loud environments with excessive background noise. And Signia’s TwinPhone feature allows the wearer clarity and speech understanding on a phone call. TwinPhone allows the wearer to hear the caller on the other end in both ears, with the phone held up to just one ear.

Along with these features is the MyControl App as mentioned above which offers things like touchControl- Your mobile device can become a remote control for your Signia hearing aids. And Telecare 3.0 which allows wearers to receive customized remote adjustments to their hearing aids from their hearing care professional without going into the office.

The app enhances discretion by hiding the remote control within your mobile device without the need for additional hardware.   Wearers can customize their listening experience, all while looking as if they are composing a quick text message.  The Styletto allows the wearer complete ease of use with these features within the MyControl App available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

You can expect the same great splash proof shell of other models which protects the hearing aids with a resistance to dust and water.

Styletto Color Options

The Styletto is available in three contemporary color combinations including Snow White with Rose Gold, Cosmic Blue with Rose Gold and Dark Granite with Brushed Nickel.  Each color option offers the same new slim design, clean surface and brushed metal look.

signia styletto color options

Who are Styletto Hearing Aids best suited for?

The Signia Styletto is great for new and existing wearers. It is ideal for those who wear or are need to wearing hearing aids but don’t like the look of what they currently wear or have decided to wait on treating their hearing needs because they don’t want the hearing aids to affect their own image of themselves. Many new patients are converting to the Styletto as an option for stylish hearing aids that they feel confident wearing. In a study showing the Styletto offered at an audiology clinic, 8 out of 10 people preferred the look of the Signia Styletto. Wearers are saying the Signia Styletto fits their life perfectly and that the Styletto is easy to wear because it looks elegant and high tech, fitting their self image and their lifestyle.

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