Oticon Real

The Oticon Real hearing aid is engineered to complement your brain's inherent sound processing abilities


Oticon Real

Immerse yourself in the precision and depth of sound with the Oticon Real hearing aid, meticulously designed to complement your brain's inherent sound processing abilities. This groundbreaking device empowers you to access the entire auditory scene, keeping you alert, focused, and fully immersed in the world around you. Combining high-tech functionality with a sleek, refined design, the Oticon Real hearing aid is the go-to option for those prioritizing outstanding sound quality and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

  • BrainHearing™ technology for a natural and open sound experience
  • RealSound Technology for enhanced clarity in speech
  • Wind & Handling Stabilizer to curtail noise disturbances
  • Sudden Sound Stabilizer for a comfortable auditory experience
  • Modern design with customizable styles and shades
  • Smooth connectivity with iOS and Android devices
  • Choices of rechargeable and disposable batteries
  • Compatibility with ConnectClip and EduMic accessories
  • Direct TV streaming with the Oticon TV Adapter
  • Supports hands-free phone and video conversations

The Oticon Real hearing aid, powered by the high-performance Polaris R™ platform, boasts RealSound Technology that offers improved access to speech and exceptional clarity during dialogues. Its Wind & Handling Stabilizer efficiently cuts down noise disturbances from wind and handling, enabling you to embrace your surroundings without any distractions.

The device's Sudden Sound Stabilizer is another cutting-edge feature that ensures a comfortable listening experience by identifying and regulating sudden loud noises, all without hampering the overall quality of the ongoing conversation.

Doctor of Audiology
Sherry Pickett, Doctor of Audiology
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