Oticon OPN

Oticon OPN hearing aid wearers have reported 20% reduction in listening effort in noisy environments and 20% more capacity to remember in challenging noise situations.


Oticon OPN

The Oticon OPN hearing aid model is built on the Velox platform. Velox is an ultra-fast and precise processing platform. Powered by a tiny processing chip, Velox manages sounds from your environment 50 times faster than previous Oticon models. Equipped with a 64-band frequency resolution, sound is presented with a clearer quality, which assists the brain’s hearing process. Oticon hearing aid wearers have reported 20% reduction in listening effort in noisy environments and 20% more capacity to remember in challenging noise situations (because the brain is freed up from struggling to make sense of audio signals). Additionally, Velox provides wearers with 30% better speech understanding and clarity in noise, compared to previous models of Oticon hearing aids.

About the Oticon OPN

Velox provides OPN with an “open sound solution,” which gives wearers the experience of a full soundscape, even in the most challenging sound environments. Oticon hearing aid wearers are empowered to focus on the sounds they want to hear, while experiencing significant cognitive benefits.

Building upon Oticon’s previous hearing aid features and innovations, OPN improves upon BrainHearing Technology by providing wearers with a fuller spectrum of sound in their environment as well as clearer sound signals that better assist the brain in the auditory process. Unlike traditional hearing aids which suppress sounds, OPN provides wearers with a full soundscape of their environment.

When wearers receive more audio information, they are able to simultaneously take in environmental sounds while making the decision to focus on the sounds they want to hear. This provides a more natural listening experience. OPN’s OpenSound Navigator Environmental Analyzer scans the full 360 degrees of the wearer’s current listening environment 100 times a second. During this process, algorithms analyze, and balance every sound.

Twinlink Wireless Connectivity

OPN offers two wireless communication systems in one hearing aid. Using near-field magnetic communication (NFMI), OPN simulates natural binaural hearing with ear-to-ear communication between the microphone of the two hearing aids. This experience provides wearers with more access to sound, and also a more natural listening experience.

TwinLink also offers Bluetooth accessibility with OPN, which allows wearers to connect their hearing aids to their smartphones and other personal electronic devices. With this connection, OPN wearers have the option to stream phone calls, music, and other media directly from their smartphones and devices to their hearing aids. This provides better sound quality and accessibility for wearers.

First to connect to the internet

OPN has achieved an industry first: it is the first hearing aid to connect to the Internet. Collaborating with the web service If This Then That (IFTTT.com), OPN hearing aids provide wearers with a catalogue of common daily sounds. This connection is convenient for people of all walks of life, in many different environments. IFTTT offers sounds that range from doorbells to baby monitors to alarms to home security systems.

About the manufacturer: Oticon

Founded in 1904, Oticon is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer with the mission “People first.” With a century of experience and one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon has continued to innovate and has dedicated their research, development and design to technology that is life-changing for their users.

In conjunction with the Ericksholm Research Centre, Oticon conducts individual in-depth interviews and focus groups to receive feedback and determine their next inventions, in order to produce hearing devices that improve the lives of people with hearing loss worldwide. If you are looking for Oticon hearing aids in St. Louis, contact us today.

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