Starkey Muse

Starkey is an international leader in hearing aid technology, and Muse highlights their advancements in high definition sound and clarity.


Starkey Muse

Starkey Muse Features

Hearing aids don’t usually work as well for those with single ear hearing loss. Muse changes that. The CROS system is specifically tailored for those with hearing loss in only one ear. BiCROS uses the same technology for those who do have hearing loss in both ears, but have one ear that is significantly worse. This program matches the hearing assistance with what is being heard naturally in the hearing ear, creating consistency and clarity of the sounds around you. Muse also makes huge strides in enjoying music.

Starkey worked to develop a program that allows Muse wearers to hear music as it was intended. Consulting with both professional musicians and hearing aid wearers, Starkey created a hearing aid made for music. Muse is able to balance the high frequency sounds in music with low frequency sounds, maintaining rich, full sounds that are consistent regardless of dynamic changes in the music.

Muse is adaptable through Bluetooth technology, using the SurfLink Mobile 2 program. It can be connected to the phone, TV, music player, or other media device to stream content directly to the hearing aid. Muse takes into account how jarring it can be to switch suddenly between programs. It gradually switches between programs so you have time to adjust to the new settings. Sound comfort technology controls for unexpected loud sounds and instantly adjusts the volume to protect your ear, while maintaining the soft sounds at a clearly audible level.

For those with severe tinnitus, Muse has a solution. The Multiflex Tinnitus Technology provides relief from this ringing in the ears by allowing the wearer to adjust the volume and modulation rate of this program to provide relief.

Synergy Platform by Starkey

 The new Synergy Platform by Starkey is changing hearing technology for the better. It uses quad core twin compression technology, so it is able to process and transmit many sounds at once. It focuses on speech and important sounds without losing the background ambiance in the environment, or the inflections and tone in your loved one’s voice. You can hear it all, delivered in crystal clear quality right to your ear. This is the first hearing aid from Starkey to be able to process so much auditory information, and provide an immersive experience. This platform uses binaural technology, accounting for sounds reaching both ears and creating accurate spatial cues.

Starkey Muse Hearing Aid Styles

 Muse comes in many styles, including In-the-Ear, In-The-Canal, and Behind-The-Ear. Like all Starkey products, they are slim and discreet, coming in many colors to match skin or hair. All styles are protected with Surface NanoShield, which is resistant against water and moisture to protect the hearing aid and provide dependable hearing.

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