Phonak Audéo™ Marvel

The Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aid was released in October of 2018 by the Swiss based hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. The Marvel is currently the only hearing aid on the market that enables wireless streaming to both hearing aids at once from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Audéo™ Marvel

Phonak Audéo™ Marvel

Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids give you the same reliable experience with speech understanding, comfort and ease-of-use that Phonak is known for. But now, with the new Audéo Marvel, wearers can binaurally stream audio content to both ears from any Bluetooth device including smartphones, music players, TVs and more. Along with the new streaming capabilities, Marvel hearing aids have three rechargeable battery options making it truly in a class of its own.

Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids offer wearers:

  • The widest range of options in connectivity to devices, being the first hearing aids to connect to both the Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • The best rechargeable battery technology
  • No sacrifices in sound quality.
  • Additional options to stream sound from tv shows right into your hearing aids, and use an app for sound adjustments.

Marvel Wearing Style & Models

The Phonak Audéo Marvel is a Receiver-in-Canal hearing aid (RIC) with a case behind the ear to hold the hearing aid's amplifier and microphone, while a small bud that contains the receiver is used inside the ear canal. The Marvel comes in 5 models each with 9 different color options and 4 performance levels to choose from that can be customized by your audiologist. Below are a break down of the available models and main features.

Audéo™ M-312
  • Battery: 312 zinc air
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
Audéo™ M-R Battery:
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
Audéo™ M-13T Battery:
  • 13 zinc air
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices Telecoil
Audéo™ M-312T Battery:
  • 312 zinc air
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices Telecoil
Audéo™ M-RT Battery:
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
  • Telecoil Available from: August 2019

New Phonak Operating System:

The new operating system for the Marvel is called AutoSense OS™ 3.0. It uses Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ in all five models. This new technology provides the wearer with a more enjoyable daily listening experience through better speech understanding in noisy environments and less effort on the listener to hear despite background noise.

The Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ is a top rated streaming sound quality. This new technology is one of the biggest improvements upon past Phonak direct streaming hearing aid models. Furthermore Phonak's promise of exceptional sound quality from your first fitting is immediately recognizable with a more natural sound that other models on the market.

Marvel Battery Life and Rechargeability:

Phonak has been an industry leader in hearing aid rechargeability since the introduction of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Like other Phonak hearing aid models, Audéo Marvel hearing aids are available with the rechargeable battery technology. This technology allows Marvel wearers quick rechargeability and a reliable battery engineered to last for 6 years.

The new Marvel offers three rechargeable case options.

Once taken out of their rechargeable case, the Audéo Marvel switches on automatically and turns off when placed back in the charging case. This means no more fumbling with small buttons each time you're ready to put your hearing aids back in. And no more hassling with small disposable batteries.

Additionally with these rechargeable models, there is a new color indicator, Red for Right, and Blue for Left, just another way that Phonak has made the Audéo Marvel easy to use. Audéo Marvel wearers can count on a full day of hearing with one charge session, including time spent direct streaming sound from devices. It's why when Phonak says, "love at first sound," they don't just mean the first time you try on a pair of Marvel hearing aids, but every time you wear them.

Phonak Charger Case Combi

The Phonak Charger Case Combi is a charger, drying kit and protective hard case all in one. The Combi kit includes a cleaning tool in the splash-proof casing.

phonak combi charger

Phonak Power Pack

For charging rechargeable hearing aids on the go, the Phonak Power Pack can be easily attached to the bottom of the Phonak Charger Case Combi.

phonak power pack

Phonak Mini Charger Case

The Phonak Mini Charger Case, with standard USB-C charging outlet, is a compact charger for two Audéo M-R or Audéo M-RT hearing aids.

phonak-mini-charger (1)

Bluetooth, App, TV Streaming Capabilities:

Unlike any other hearing aid available, Phonak Audéo Marvel can connect to both Apple's iOS and Android smartphones as well as other Bluetooth® enabled phones to stream the audio into both the hearing aids.

This technology, in addition to the built-in microphones, means users can enjoy hands-free phone calls with the touch of a button. Along with answering phone calls, users can adjust settings within the app to hear all phone notifications such as text message alerts and reminders, through their Marvel hearing aids.

Through Phonak’s new digital service platform call the myPhonak app, users can choose to share information with their audiologist to get real time sound adjustments from the comfort of their own home. Beyond this remarkable technology for a personalized hearing experience in real-time, users can also count on that same real-time support through video. Additionally, with the challenge of background noise during phone calls, wearers can utilize the Phonak myCall-to-Text app which allows the wearer to both hear the phone conversation in their Marvel hearing aids, and read in real time on the phone, what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

As well as its phone capabilities, and digital service app, Marvel delivers stereo sound quality streaming for music, videos, e-books and podcasts. Phonak Audéo Marvel features its own AirStream™ technology for a top rated sound quality streaming experience from any TV and stereo system. Wearers can enjoy TV shows and movies with the Phonak TV Connector, a quick and easy to use plug and play solution. Similar to using wireless headphones but better, because Marvel hearing aids can now distinguish between streamed speech and music signals, and automatically adjust acoustics for optimized sound quality while streaming.

Perhaps what sets the new Marvel platform apart from any other is not just the individual features alone, but the combination of all of them together. The Marvel hearing aids feature all of Phonak’s cutting edge technologies integrated into one easy to use system, working seamlessly together to give the wearer a clear rich sound experience from a first-class hearing aid. The Phonak Audéo Marvel is a multi-functional hearing aid promising a sound quality second to none the first time they are fitted and every time they are worn thereafter.

Doctor of Audiology
Sherry Pickett, Doctor of Audiology
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